Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of service personnel and their families who are concerned their genetic composition may have been affected as a result of radiological or chemical exposures.


Our focus is the generation and promotion of new, multi-disciplinary research that supports the needs of the aged nuclear test veteran community and their families. Our ambition is to extend this scope to also include health effects of other radiological and chemical exposures that may be seen in military settings. CHRC will work with the nuclear test veteran community and wider society to translate research outcomes into evidence-based education and support for potentially affected communities and, to make evidence-based information about the health and wellbeing of the nuclear community accessible to medical, political and scientific communities, increasing public understanding of the nuclear test community’s heritage. The synergy of developing the nuclear test veterans’ experience and using it as the foundation to benefit tomorrow’s generations of veterans and their offspring is something at the core of CHRCs ambitions.

The CHRC will:

  • act as a national knowledge hub for all scientific, medical and social work
  • deliver a programme of scientific research
  • make information accessible and provide evidence-based education and training
  • enhance care and wellbeing through increased understanding
  • co-ordinate activities with partners at the international level